Bonus Clip: Princess Kicks Lil Brandi Out Of Her Wedding Party, Says She Can Only Stay if Ray Makes Her a Groomsman

"Oh, nah darling, you're out. You have to make up for that."

Lil Brandi did it to herself though.

Lil Brandi couldn’t hold down Princess’ secret, and now she’s going to pay the price in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip. Princess is legit shocked that Lil Brandi crossed the line by telling Ray about her getting a pre-nup. Brandy Norwood cosigns Princess’ belief that the way Lil Brandi moved was messed up to say the least. Brandy even admits as Ray’s sister, she doesn’t even feel it’s her place to tell Ray some news like that. Princess isn’t sure of what Lil Brandi’s intentions were in dropping that bomb to Ray, but is certain that Brandi has no place in her wedding- after all, she’s Ray’s friend anyway. Watch the moment that Princess kicks Lil B out of the wedding party now — would you do the same?

Was Princess really shocked though? Don’t miss part one of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Monday at 8/7c!

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