Behind the Vote: Let’s Talk About the Impact Women Will Have on the 2016 Election

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Carri Twigg is back for a final Behind the Vote video to discuss women in this election cycle. De’Ara Balenger and Sasha Stewart join Twigg to discuss the idea of intersectionality and the possibility that not all women will support Hillary Clinton.

For Balenger, Clinton’s inclusive message offers a positive message for all women. Stewart agrees, but she also points out that many millennials, especially women of color, might have reservations about Clinton. She points to Clinton’s appearance at the DNC as an example of how the Democratic nominee needs to humanize herself and explain her life story to young women who remain skeptical. The panel makes the case that both Clinton’s policies and her role as president will be a huge gain for women. On the flip side, Twigg argues that the historic gains we’ve made so far shouldn’t cloud the progress women have yet to make.

Check out the video below for a discussion on the power women have in the 2016 Election.

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