Princess Love Responds to Fans Who Feel She Was Just as Wrong for Snitching on Lil’ Brandi

Both sides make some valid arguments.

Princess Love is not here for anyone trying to say she was shady for revoking Lil’ Brandi’s bridal party pass. Last night (10/31) a fan called out Princess Love on her decision to kick Brandi Boyd out of her wedding, but according to Princess, the circumstances are not the same.

A fan tweeted Princess saying, “you told Brandi business; & expected her not to tell your shxt?? Ya’ll ain’t friends,both of ya’ll need to cut it out.”

To which Princess immediately asked, “Did I tell her husband?”

Some say that move was hypocritical on Princess’ part, seeing as how she had a hard time keeping a secret earlier this season. If you recall, Lil Brandi entrusted Princess with about $27,000 worth of valuable information. Info that almost cost Brandi her marriage when Princess told Ray about her investment. Although Princess didn’t tell Max Lux about the misplaced funds, Lil B still felt the heat for it.

Fast forward to wedding time, Brandi’s choice in telling Ray was no doubt grimy but is what Princess did any better?

Some of you think, no.

While others are riding with Princess on this one.

What do you all think? Are those fans reaching?

In case you forgot, here’s what happened when Max found out about Brandi’s shady little business deal.

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