Twitter Went Off After BBC Posted Fried Chicken Video for UK’s Black History Month


By Jasmine Washington

In honor of the UK’s Black History Month, BBC is asking whether or not all “Black people like “fried chicken.” Yep, it’s 2016 and this is hard-hitting journalism.

The commentary throughout the video adds fuel to the fire with one woman proposing that perhaps Black women like fried chicken because it makes “your bum bigger.” Another participant appears to recognize that it’s a negative stereotype, and goes on to say, “…but it’s true.”

This new video is the latest piece of controversial content published by the BBC. On Monday (October 31) they created a post asking whether or not White people should be allowed to say the n-word.

As expected, Twitter users had a lot to say.

Paying homage to the Black people who’ve contributed to their country instead of highlighting stereotypes seems like a better route to take, but what do you think? Is BBC wrong or are people too easily offended?

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