Dove’s Newest Commercial Will Give You All the Father’s Day Feels

Cue gallons of tears.

Damn it, Dove. You never cease to make us bawl in the middle of the workday.

In the personal care company’s latest commercial for its Men + Care line (just in time for Father’s Day), dudes find out they’re going to be daddies for the first time. Literally, their significant others captured the exact moment they found out on camera. And it’s bound to make you blabber at your desk, so get ready.

The reactions run the gamete from shock and excitement to tearful and pure happiness. According to TODAY, Dove used footage from real couples who posted their reaction videos online (with permission, of course).

Even better, Dove includes a same-sex couple’s reaction in the one-minute spot, which is perfect timing for Pride Month.

We’re still choked up about it. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, check it out. (But we recommend grabbing some tissues first!)

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