Is It Cheating If Your Girl Gets Some From Another Woman? The Men of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Share Their Opinions

“If your girl wants to play, she should be able to.”

The age-old question “If a woman messing around with another woman, is still considered cheating?” is answered in this backstage footage from the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion.

Inspired by his own experience with Miss Nikki Baby and Rosa Acosta, Safaree is down with his woman hooking up with other women as long as he knows about it. As soon as she’s sneaking around, avoiding you for her woman, she’s cheating.

Jason Lee has a more vague, but similar response. He says a “real man” can “manage the situation,” but also adds that this topic isn’t in his lane, so he can’t claim to be an expert. As for Max, he thinks your girl finding herself a girl is a blessing, but there needs to be open communication about everything that goes on to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the situation.

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