These Tragic Mannequin Challenge Fails Prove This Ain’t For Everybody

Give them an E for effort.

By Jasmine Washington

It has been a week since the Internet gifted us with the amazing #MannequinChallenge and we’ve been blessed with some really epic executions of viral challenge. We seen high school students nail it. Football teams showed us their post-game locker room activities. It has the run the scope from Pole dancing class to making a social statement. The videos of people freezing in unique positions has especially inspired your favorite celebs like Destiny’s Child, Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres, and Adele. The challenge even got political.

While it seems easy to hold a pose for a few seconds, it’s a lot harder than we think. One blink or sudden movement can turn the dopest #MannequinChallenge to the laughing stock of the Internet.

Check out 10 mannequin challenge fails below and tell us if you’re going to give the latest viral sensation a go.