Hold TF Up! Did Moniece Just Say Max Had a Secret Baby on Lil Brandi and Tried to Blame It On Ray J?

"They're gonna slander me with lies."

We’re going to need to hear a little bit more about this because…

Moniece throws out some very serious allegations regarding Max and his family in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion highlight. Brandi made it extremely clear that Masika is to work nowhere near Max even though the relationship was strictly business. Although Masika wasn’t involved in Moniece’s plan to exact revenge on Lil’ Brandi, she still found herself being called out in an Instagram video posted by Max and his wife. The convo goes completely left when Moniece reveals that not only did Max allegedly have a secret baby but the allegations are corroborated with DMs, all of which Ray J can apparently cosign.

OK, now things are really messy. If it is true, we’re going to need to see receipts, like now. According to Max’s IG though, don’t believe the hype. He posted this picture with his son and captioned:

Crazy people will say anything for some free TV time no truth no game plan no product just scandals! in bed its just me my son and @brandibb1 #family

Judging by Ray’s reaction, we’re guessing this means, “no comment?”

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