Supermodel Ashley Graham Knows How to Care for Her Man in “Other Ways”

She loves eating out too!

Feminism, their way.

Last night, on the epic (and surprisingly sensual) Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, Martha and Snoop showed their friends, Rick Ross and America’s Next Top Model judge Ashley Graham how to get fishy in the kitchy. Martha made a mouthwatering clambake, and Snoop was all claws with his lobster dish.

Speaking of mouthwatering, when Snoop noticed Ashley’s heavy pour of some blue “cool-aid,” she said that she’s “almost the perfect woman, she just doesn’t cook or clean.” Graham, who makes a living as a plus size model and spokeswoman for body acceptance, said that she and her man love to eat out up in NYC!

Rick Ross, who spent the whole episode building some major chemistry with Martha, asked the lifestyle queen her thoughts on cooking and cleaning for the men in her life. Martha responded that she believes in tidying and cheffin’ for her guy. It’s interesting that Martha Stewart, who is worth $300 billion dollars, and is an icon of success for women still chooses to embody these down-home gender roles. That’s the best thing about feminism, though. You set the rules for your life!

That’s when Ashley Graham confessed that she also “takes care of her man…in other ways.” Not sure what those other ways, are, Ashley! Too bad she didn’t elaborate!

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