Happy Kwanzaa! Watch This Vintage Video of Shekinah Teaching People About the African-American Holiday

"Have you ever heard of the twerk before?"

Around 28 million people celebrate Kwanzaa each year but VH1’s Shekinah Jo is here to educate those of us who may be in the dark. In this vintage video we’ve unearthed from Tiny Harris’s 2013 talk show special Tiny Tonight! Ladies Guide to the Holiday, Tiny alongside her guests Trina, Tami Roman, and Claudia Jordan admit that they know very little about the African-American holiday Kwanzaa.

Fear not though because Tiny sent her resident sidekick Shekinah to the streets to find out about the special time from December 26th to January 1st. What the hilarious Shekinah learns is that Kwanzaa is “a celebration to bridge the African harvest festivals with contemporary life here in America.” The biggest takeaway though is that Shekinah somehow manages to convince the expert in Kwanzaa that you can twerk while celebrating the days of Kwanzaa. Hey, she did say there’s opportunity for music!

Happy Kwanzaa to you and yours.