“Who’s This White Boy?” Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Is The Newest Cast Member on Love & Hip Hop

"We're not faking the funk."

DJ Drewski may be new to Love & Hip Hop, but he’s by no means a stranger to the New York hip-hip scene and has been around it since he was a kid. The New York DJ recalls a time when he was 10 when his own father booked a show with a then-unknown Biggie Smalls — how’s that for having a finger on the pulse? For a kid who grew up listening to Hot 97 to now be one of the top DJs on the station, it’s a dream come true. Drewski says that people might come for him for being a white dude in hip-hop, but hopes his passion and experience are enough for everyone to take him seriously.

Get to know DJ Drewski on the Love & Hip Hop season premiere, Monday, Nov. 21st at 8/7c!

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