15 Times You Were Actually Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries

Because our teenage selves were all royal pains in the ass.

OK, so The Princess Diaries 3 may or may not be happening. Regardless, TPD, or a world wonder of 2001, was our adolescent beacon of hope and will therefore live within us for the remainder of time. Chances are you’re not a royal, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t exactly like the teenager that was one in the movie. Here are times Mia Thermopolis actually stole your life.

  1. When you *imagined* interactions with your crush to be like this

  2. And then when they were actually like this

  3. When you were over your parents bossing you around

    I’ll wear this choker and crop top if I want to. Can you give me a ride to the mall, though?

  4. Or when they wouldn’t let you get the cool new Nextel

    Life was so hard.

  5. The constant struggle of it, actually

  6. When your after-school snacks were the only thing giving you life

  7. When your school suddenly implemented a strict, new dress code

    We all thought the “fingertips” rule for wearing skirts was bullshit.

  8. When the jocks walked by thinking they were all cool

    And you were like, nah.

  9. When you tried to impress your crush at the school dance like “Haaaay.”

    They were def into it.

  10. Or in gym class

    Slick AF.

  11. When your siblings were about to rat you out for sneaking out

    ~I will kill you.~

  12. When you tried to be sophisticated

    It wasn’t for all of us.

  13. Except the time you discovered makeup

    And thongs.

  14. When you were like “Yeaaaah, I look good.”

    Even though looking at those pics now makes you want to get in a time capsule and slap yourself.

  15. And then you were at prom like, “I’m actually queen.”

    High school’s been real, bitches.

LONG LIVE MIA. The coolest, most IDGAF royal that ever lived.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.