T.I. Accepts Donald Trump As POTUS, But Not Without Dropping Vital Guidelines First

We can all learn from this.

T.I. is ready to accept that Donald Trump will be our next POTUS, but is still dishing out important political wisdom.

When asked about the almost five-million-signatures-strong petition to get the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton, the now-recurring star of VH1’s The Breaks told TMZ, “I think it’s possible but not necessarily probable. I think all of the people who are up in arms about it, myself included, didn’t do enough in enough time to have things fall in our area.”

T.I., who now goes by TIP, believes there are two vital actions we all need to take to make changes during Trump’s presidency, which are “keep ourselves out of harms way,” and “unite for the next two years” to vote for Congress and the Senate. “The local elections are the most effective elections,” the rapper states. “Those are the things that directly effect the people in the community.”

The Atlanta rapper has spoken heavily against President-elect Donald Trump over the course of the election, but is now willing to accept him as Commander and Chief. “All we can do is accept the changes that have been made to this country, TIP told TMZ. “I’m going to miss Obama. We’re going to have to make the best with what we got. Just stay out of the grass and the hands of the man and we’ll be alright.”

Can you please run for President in 2020, TIP? Thanks.

Watch his full conversation with TMZ below.

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