Mo Schmoney, Mo Problems: Cardi B. Reveals That Her Success Is Making Her Depressed

"I feel so like, down sometimes. I gotta be somebody that I'm not."

In this week’s Love & Hip Hop bonus clip, Cardi B. reveals a very important lesson for anyone seeking fame and fortune: It’s not all worth it. Cardi, who initially found fame on Instagram, is unsettled by what comes with her music and reality stardom. “Two, three years ago, I was broke as hell,” she tells her sister, Hennessey. “But I was like, happier. My spirit was happy. Now, I make money and I just so feel like, down sometimes. I gotta be somebody that I’m not.”

Hennessey knows the answer: More time with their family. Cardi agrees, she just needs to go back to being a regular, schmegular girl, hanging with her grandma. Hennessey suggests one more solution, too… That she go on tour with Cardi. Cardi loves her sister but judging by the look on her face, she’s not so into that idea.

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