Juelz Makes It Clear That He Didn’t Leave Rap, He Was Raising His Family, But Yandy Needs Him To Commit To The Work Now

"I feel like the timing is great. I feel like we can do some real spectacular things together."

Juelz Sanatana is ready to reclaim his throne in the rap game again with the help of none other than his little sis Yandy. In a bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop, Yandy is more than excited to work with Juelz again but first needs to press him on why he left the game at such a pivotal time. He cuts her off to let her know that he didn’t leave, he just had other priorities at the time, such as taking care of his family. Although he tried to make the rapper lifestyle work as a family man by installing a studio in his crib, it’s just not the same. (You know that when Yandy says, “The studio in your house was a nice gesture for Kim, but I kinda feel like you gotta branch out,” that’s Professional Yandy talking, not Friend Yandy.) It’s time he does what he has to do get back to the top even if it makes Kimbella a little uneasy.

Juelz really needs to stop letting these bozos win and drop a hit though. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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