Jim Jones Has Mixed Feelings About His Name Being Used as Kanye West’s Alias

"It's the best catfish ever!"

By Jasmine Washington

Jim Jones has been dragged into the midst of Kanye West’s hospitalization saga and the rapper isn’t sure how to feel about it. Leaked 911 audio revealed that Yeezy’s doctor Michael Farzam alerted authorities that his patient, “Jim Jones,” was experiencing temporary psychosis.

The former LHHNY star initially laughed it off during a brief chat with TMZ. “I think it’s the best catfish ever. I don’t know what’s on Kanye’s mind but he’s using my name is definitely a funny thing to me. He might have caught a charge. Somebody should’ve locked his a– up for impersonating a gangster,” he jokingly explained.

Things got a little more serious as Jim continued, “On the serious side, that’s kind of f-cked up that he would use my name in a such a crazy matter…If people didn’t know it wasn’t him and they just thought it was Jim Jones doing the regular crazy Jim Jones thing, I could’ve gotten my a– in some trouble. So for that alone I should charge Kanye a sucker fee.”

Jim Jones went on to make light of the situation, sharing how he’d be able to turn the drama around in his favor. “I’m gonna start using his name. My new alias is Kanye West. I can’t wait to pull up to hotels, the Hermes store and tell them ’Yes, Mr. West is outside. Yes, Mr. West is here. No, Kim is not with him but Mr. West is here, he just needs you to bring the stuff to the car. That $20,000 jacket just bring it to the car,” he said before laughing hysterically.

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