DJ Drewski Likes Looking At Bianca’s Booty and She Likes Being Looked At In This Week’s Check Yourself

"Yes, I'm all grown up now and he checkin' for me."

Drewski is playing with fire staring at Bianca Bonnie’s booty in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop. The two can’t agree on who’s hitting on whom, but it’s very apparent that Young B has a thang for that white chocolate. The fact that he has a girlfriend, Sky, doesn’t phase the Harlem rapper at all. She’s low-key/high-key feeling the Hot 97 DJ and gives zero f—ks.

Snoop got herself into a little trouble with DJ Sofi Green and she 100% owns it in her commentary. She knows her limits and realizes she may have passed it while dabbling in strawberries and wine with the DC baddie. Rich Dollaz and DJ Self’s creep squad intuition tells them that this is a real messy situation.

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