Remember the Time Zoe Saldana Played an Epic Biotch in Britney Spears’ Crossroads?

In honor of Zoe Saldana's 37th birthday, we pay tribute to one of her earliest roles (opposite Britney Spears) that should've earned her a darn Oscar.
  • Once upon a time, there lived an actress/goddess known as Zoe Saldana.

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  • You may know her as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Or maybe even Neytiri from Avatar.

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  • However, before she became a giant movie star, she played the original mean girl Kit in Britney Spears’ seminal classic Crossroads.

  • Don’t pretend you didn’t know this. And don’t pretend like Zoe didn’t deserve an Oscar for this performance, because she definitely did.


    Just look at the emotional range she’s serving with this face.

  • She wasn’t exactly the nicest character.


    She was the PoPuLaR~* girl, and Britney was the nerd. (Lol, we know.)

  • Remember when she insulted Britney’s character Lucy by saying, “You’re a virgin?”


    When did this become an insult?

  • But then she walked away after shading Lucy like a GD queen.


    We love her but also hate her.

  • Look at this very important face Kit makes during her high school graduation.


    You think for five seconds that she might actually be nice.

  • But she goes right back into biotch mode when she refuses to honor her childhood obligations with Lucy and Mimi (Taryn Manning).


    “I have better things to do than dig up some old box.”

  • Despite hating Lucy and Mimi, Kit agrees to go on a road trip with them. And it’s basically just one bizznitchy comment after another at this point.


    “What’s with this music?”

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    “I don’t sleep in a field.”

  • Remember when Kit is pissed about sleeping in a motel and breaks the bed?


    It’s trailblazing, really.

  • And then she judges Mimi for having a baby, which actually isn’t cool.


    She makes this face.

  • Oooooh — when Kit and Mimi get in a FIST FIGHT in the middle of the highway.

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    A defining moment in American cinema.

  • We never thought we’d get a reaction like this out of Britney.

  • Thanks to amazing character development, Kit becomes randomly nice 40 minutes into the film, and the meanness effectively ends.

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    Here, Kit opens up to her friends about fat camp.

  • Then, they enjoy some casual camping.

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  • And some Shania Twain, of course.

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    “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” brings people together, tbh.

  • By the end of the flick, Lucy, Kit, and Mimi are all best friends again, which is cute (we guess).


    We thank Mimi’s burrito for this.

  • But we will always have a soft spot for Mean Kit.