Dutchess’ Reaction to a Fan Sending Her Carmex is Something We All Can Learn From

No more Ashy Larry lips for Dutchess!

Y’all just love to roast Dutchess’ lips.

Since the premiere of Black Ink Crew, fans all over have been coming at Dutchess’ lips for their lack of moisture. Tired of her haters constantly coming for her, Dutchess posted an Instagram photo telling fans to either do something about her lips or stop talking about it altogether:

People kill me with what they pick and choose to talk about. My lips annoy y’all life that bad? ? Buy me some Carmex and send it to me ?

One fed up fan took her up on that and legit went to the post office to send Dutchess some Carmex lip balm. Instagram user Shamel Abron took to social media to document his frustration with Dutchess.
Even Masika Kalysha hopped into the comments offering Dutchess products from her Khari Barbie Beauty line.
via: The Shade Room

It’s one of those jokes that’s like “haha” but then “no, seriously,” and Dutchess took it as just that. Instead of being bitter about the whole thing, she posted her excitement in discovering she has her own hashtag and is excited to endorse this bomb dot com product:

Omg! I have a hashtag! So many companies are reaching out to me to endorse their product. I’m so excited! Don’t forget to send Carmex or whatever you think can help my lips to my shop @pretty_n_ink704. I appreciate you guys for trying to help me! Thanks so much ?? (I can now blow kisses without my lips crackling)

Love a dope person who can take a joke! Happy for you, girlfriend.

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