Emily B. Had Her Baby Two Weeks Ago and She’s Showing Off Her Flat Belly Already

This can't be real...can it??

Emily B. gave birth to her baby son, Jonas, just two weeks ago, but her snap back has already…well…snapped back. In these photos, posted to Instagram this morning, the new mom showed off a flat belly that, frankly, defies all logic.

UPDATE [6/19/15]:

Emily took to Instagram to explain that though she looks like she lost her post-partum weight quickly, she actually had a serious health scare during her delivery that led to a rapid weight loss. Read her story here:

“I really enjoyed being pregnant but what you didn’t know was that I suffered from horrible nausea and I lost weight during pregnancy. I was in labor for 16 hours and wouldnt dilate past 9cm.. I pushed & pushed and shredded up my cervix. My sons heart rate dropped and his head was stuck in the birth canal so I had to get a emergency c-section– which by then my epidural had wore off so I had to get a local spinal which numbed my esophagus! I felt like I was going to DIE! I couldn’t feel myself breathing or catch my breath- I had a panic attack and had to be sedated .. I lost over 45% of my blood and had to get a blood transfusion. By the Grace of GOD I’m ok and my son is healthy. I’m stating all this to say – I lost 15lbs after spending a week in the hospital. I’ve only been home a week and I’m still not recovered. My incision is very low but is still filled with fluid and hurts badly.. I salute all the moms & moms to be! By far one of the toughest experiences of my life! Just wanted to share that – I know by looking at my pic post two weeks it looks like it’s unrealistic but the truth is it also came from being severely anemic & dehydrated mixed with a little SnapBack lol. I will continue to work on getting healthy & in shape! Love you guys and happy healing to anyone who just went thru childbirth! #TBT”