Did Kim Just Have a Heart Attack From All the Stress of Yandy and Samantha Going Back and Forth?

"That's why we all need to stick together."

The stress the drama brings makes it all not worth it.

Yandy’s conversations with Judy about Lil Mendeecees has Kim so effed up, she damn near has a heart attack in this Love & Hip Hop highlight. After hearing that Yandy has been spreading rumors regarding Lil Mendeecees’ living situation, Kim, alongside Samantha and Erika, calls a meeting to find out from Judy what’s really going on. Of course, Judy denies Yandy ever disrespected Samantha or the way she raises her son. Frustrated at Judy’s denial, Samantha goes awf, which eventually leads to a screaming match among the ladies. When Kim starts clasping her chest for dear life, you clearly see just how heavy this issue is weighing on her. We hope Kim is okay!

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