Cardi B Vows to Smack the Ish Out of Swift’s Girlfriend in the Love & Hip Hop Sneak

"When I see her I'm gonna beat her a--. I hope you know that."

Cardi has never been one for play play.

Cardi gives her producer Swift a stern warning that if she ever meets his girlfriend, Asia, she’s popping her on sight in this Love & Hip Hop sneak. Cardi isn’t trying to be a nosy girl when she comes across some rude texts from Swift’s girlfriend while using his phone. She doesn’t care that Swift has a girlfriend, that’s his business. She does care that Asia has mad stuff to say about her, even though the two haven’t even met. Swift tries to explain where his girl is coming from but Cardi ain’t trying to hear that. Cardi just wants Swift to know that if she ever meets his “wifey” she will beat the breaks off of her.

I am scared for Asia, child. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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