Make It Through This Winter Weather By Listening To Some Of Your Favorite Rappers Say *BRRRRR* With You

Brrrrrr: one of hip hop's most versatile soundbites for a long, long time.

In hip-hop, soundbites are just as important as saying actual words. Jeezy could come through on a feature and spit nothing but some ad-libs and the crowd will go wild.

Some sounds are too unique to repeat — just try to imitate Jadakiss’ famous “eh-HHHEEHHH” or Chance The Rapper’s high-pitched “igh” — but others are often repeated.

Now that winter is fast approaching, the degrees are dropping like flies. You might find yourself shivering, and maybe even yelling out “bbrrrrrrrrr!”… Which happens to be one of the most versatile sounds in the hearts of music lovers.

You know, brrrrt like a whistle… brrrrrring like a telephone… and of course Gucci Mane’s legendary BURRR. Whether emcees are imitating gun rounds going off or shivering in the cold, *brrrrr* finds itself embellishing some of hip hop’s greatest stories.

Here’s a list of some of the best times *brrrrr* was used to help paint a more vivid picture in your favorite rap joints so you don’t feel alone in this cold weather:

1. “Telephone Calls,” A$AP MOB (featuring Yung Gleesh, Playboi Carti, Tyler The Creator & A$AP Rocky)

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