Amy Schumer Is Opening for Madonna on Tour This Fall and You Know It’s Gonna Be Hilarious

Who needs a cameo when you can open for Madonna on tour?

Despite not getting an invite to be one of the many famous people in Madonna’s hilarious “Bitch I’m Madonna” video, Amy Schumer will open for Madge during her Rebel Heart tour this fall.

Amy tweeted the news this morning, accompanied by a video of her as a young girl singing “Like A Prayer.”

The Madonna mega-fan and “it girl” of comedy will open for Madge on all three of her NYC tour dates this September, so you can get some laughs out before Madonna takes the stage for a *very serious* performance.

Just kidding. It sounds like these three shows in particular will be extremely entertaining with the union of these two iconic queens. Get your tickets here. No phoning-in the night of.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.