Here Are the Gifs That Gave Us the Most Life in 2016

Because after a year like 2016, we'll take all the laughs we can.

By Jasmine Grant

Looking back, I think we can all collectively agree that 2016 was the ultimate face palm. Though we experience a few highs (thank you, Beyoncé!) and more than our fair share of lows, we’re thankful for the hilarious gifs all of these moments birthed.

Considering this year has completely dragged us by the tiniest hairs of our wigs and we’re stuck with “The Donald” for the next four years, we can take all the laughs we can get right about now. So look no further! We have taken the liberty of rounding up 2016’s best gifs for your amusement. So the next time our president tweets something obnoxious or another reality star gets a ridiculous perm, you know exactly where to go for the appropriate reaction.

  • DJ Duffey’s “WTF” Moment

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    via GIPHY Apparently, this is the face you make when you get sent home from a girl’s trip for someone else trying to fight you. It’s safe to say DJ Duffey’s debut season on Basketball Wives LA was full of drama, thanks to a scuffle with Tami Roman and ending up on just about every cast member’s sh*t list. Worst part is, she’s not quite sure what she’s done to deserve all this. All we know though, is that this gif is the gif that keeps on giving.

  • Angela Rye Is Beyond Over It

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    via GIPHY CNN political commentator Angela Rye was not buying what a pro-Donald Trump panelist was selling during a televised sit-down. Rye delivered an eye roll for the books after a conservative pundit Kayleigh McEnany tried to play up Donald Trump’s generosity and charitable efforts. Our thoughts exactly, Angela.

  • The Birth of the Conceited Face

    Sometimes, the best part of a freestyle rap battle isn’t the punch lines being delivered, but the hilarious faces the opponent makes when they’re trying so hard to appear unbothered. Case in point: a battle rapper named Conceited, who gained widespread internet fame when a video of him pursing his lips turned into viral gold. It all took off in September 2016 when Conceited retweeted this joke about how fly girls all think they look until they see that iPhone camera truth. *Insert weary emoji face*

  • Donald Trump (and whatever this face is supposed to mean)

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    via GIPHY If nothing else, Donald Trump is good for delivering a solid meme. During the Republican debates, Jeb Bush commented that we the people wouldn’t want a guy like ’The Donald’ with his finger on the nuclear codes. The reaction that ensued from Trump was a flurry of confused, mocking, sarcastic gif-able glory.

  • Hillary Clinton Trying Really Hard To Hold Her Tongue

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    via GIPHY Hillary Clinton, like the rest of us, was trying very hard to understand where Donald Trump pulled his facts from during the final presidential debate. Talk about a winning temperament. We feel you, Hillary. We feel you.

  • Tell ’Em “Boy Bye!”

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    via GIPHY Beyoncé’s Lemonade album is probably the best thing that’s happened to 2016. The Queen isn’t having it with no-good dudes (you may know them as f*ck boys) and is encouraging the ladies to take a stand in her song “Sorry.” The video was squad goals at its finest, and this gif really pretty much says it all.

  • Dabbing Rihanna

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  • Congratulations, Odell…You Played Yourself

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    via GIPHY During a game day tantrum, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. swung and got swung on…by a practice net. The aftermath led to a cut on his right check and some time spent in gif purgatory. Thankfully, Odell and the net kissed and made up.

  • Tori Kelly’s Stank Face

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  • Joanne The Scammer

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    via GIPHY Last but not least, we certainly can’t forget about how Joanne The Scammer swept the Internet this year. Branden Miller is the self-made internet comedian who made a career off of his scamming, rich bitch alter ego Joanne. We can’t get enough of her stolen wealth that she flaunts and the constant belittling of her broke ex. And Joanne’s most popular gif pretty much sums up how over 2016 we are.

Check out the origin of DJ Duffey’s ’WTF’ face in this clip from
Basketball Wives LA.