Remy Ma Speaks On The Music Industry’s Unsettling Desire To Pit Female Rappers Against Each Other

"If women worked together the way they do at the lowest of lows, like they do in prison, I'm telling you, we would be amazing -- guys wouldn't be in charge of s--t!"

Remy Ma can’t even spit a calm sixteen without people thinking she’s subbing another female rapper. That’s the reality in the 2016 rap game, and Remy feels it’s time to let go of that tired notion. In a recent interview with Paper Magazine, the Bronx-bred MC says that not much has changed for females in the industry, even since before she went to prison. She explains, “There’s still so much discord between females in the game, whether it’s spoken or unspoken. You can see it in the fact that no one’s working together… People make it seem like there can only be one woman in hip-hop.”

She continues to express that in society all female rappers are viewed as the same when in reality, they all have very different personalities. Like, seriously, not all of the females battle rap so it’s literally incomparable. Just because the ladies in the game have different rapping styles, doesn’t mean they always need to be in beef with one another. In speaking on who’s to blame, Remy says, “[I] blame it on us artists, because we can say we’re cool with each other all day, but if we’re not working together, how cool are we really?” She even compares the industry to prison — and prion was a more supportive place. Despite prison being a terrible experience, it was there where she fully learned the importance of women sticking together. “We were teaching each other things, we were supporting each other, we were watching out for one another. It is possible for women to stick together. I have seen the power of women working together. If women worked together the way they do at the lowest of lows, like they do in prison, I’m telling you, we would be amazing — guys wouldn’t be in charge of s–t!”

Remy even has become a founding member of The Wing, which as self described, as a multi-purpose space designed to make women’s lives easier.

While we appreciate Remy for advocating the need for sisters to stick together, we appreciate her more for always staying true to herself. She recently stopped by Hot 97 to remind us just exactly who TF she and hubby Papoose is. If you were sleep, be prepared to wake up.

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