The Ladies Cannot Keep Their Cool When They Meet Zendaya in the America’s Next Top Model Sneak Peek

Binta isn't here to make best friends.

The ladies tried to keep their cool when they met Tyra Banks but when they meet Zendaya, their freak flags are out and flying. In a sneak peek for the next America’s Next Top Model, judge Law Roach brings his number one client Zendaya to the models’ runway show and to say they are starstruck is an understatement. The competition is already starting to get to some of the ladies as they gear up for the runway turned photo shoot. Tensions start to rise and when Binta peeps Paige and Corey Anne touching the clothes on the racks, she has no problem telling them how outraged she is at their unprofessional behavior. Luckily Zendaya’s appearance puts a pin in things! Is Binta going to teach Paige a thing or two? Will the ladies start to buckle under the pressures of the competition? Find out on an all new America’s Next Top Model next Monday at 10/9c.