Snoop Breaks Down In Tears Discussing The Death of Her Foster Mother Who Raised Her In The Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek

"She died alone. I wasn't there with her."

Snoop goes back to Baltimore to be with her loved ones in this week’s sneak peek of Love & Hip Hop, but the reason behind the visit isn’t a happy one. In this clip, Snoop meets with her godmother, Denise, who was one of two women that cared for Snoop and made sure she didn’t fall through the cracks of the foster care system as a child. Snoop’s foster mother, Mama Pearson, was the other woman in her life who held her down, and Snoop breaks down discussing Mama’s death. Snoop laments the fact that Mama was placed in a nursing home and wishes she had been asked to care for her directly. “She died alone. I wasn’t there with her,” Snoop cries to Denise. Born a crack baby, Snoop weeps as she discusses how, despite being given six months to live as an infant, Mama nursed her and cared for her and helped her survive. “Mama, she’s the one who took a Tylenol tube and fed me drops of milk. She gave me life. When the hospital gave me to Mama, they said, Ms. Pearson, she ain’t gonna make it to see six months. Mama said ’What? Ok, I’ll show you all what these hands can do.'” We are heartbroken for Snoop as she tells her story.

Now that the woman who raised her is gone, and buried in Pennsylvania, Snoop has made it her mission to bring her body back to Maryland where Mama’s family is. Watch Snoop’s journey continue next week on Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c.