Who Was More Confused When Moniece Walked In, Jade, Rich Dollaz, or All Of Us?

Jade is like, why can't me and my booty shorts just get some peace around here?

Yassss, Moniece! We are living for your surprise entrance, if for no other reason than to make Rich and Jade’s heads explode. Rich was not thrilled to have a sit-down with his new girlfriend, Jade, because she was pressed (like a panini) about how Rich’s daughter Ashley had treated her and called her out for wearing booty shorts, and generally not buying into Jade’s sexy-paralegal self. And when Jade called Rich out for not defending her and asking him if he planned to fight for their relationship Rich was like… CRICKETS.

But what happened next, we never would have predicted. The one and only Miss Moniece Slaughter, not content to stay on the West Coast, dropped by with unknown motives, all we know is that she is definitely going to make Jade wish that Ashley was her only problem.

What’s Moniece up to? Find out next week on Love & Hip Hop!

Rich’s face, tho!

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