Moment of Truth: The Models Find Out the 14 Girls Moving Into the ANTM House


There’s never a dull moment on America’s Next Top Model, and Rita Ora and company are keeping the aspiring models on their toes. In this week’s premiere episode, the crop of wannabe Tyras and Cindys found out which 14 would be moving on in the competition and moving into the ANTM house in the Big Apple. It was good news for Courtney, Giah, and Justine who all found their names on the guest list. It wasn’t as peachy a day for the likes of über confident Arreyon, Kyle-smitten Starr, and opinionated Quei who all saw their journey to being America’s Next Top Model end. What will happen now that the twins are in the house together? Now that Kyle’s without Starr? Don’t miss an all new America’s Next Top Model net Monday at 8/7c.