These Christmas Movies Are Guaranteed To Not Quite Put You In The Holiday Spirit

This will make your life seem so normal.

Christmas isn’t always about the mistletoe and the holiday cheer. Sometimes people have real life stuff to deal with but it just so happens that it needs to be handled on or around December 25th. This is awesome because while feel-good films such as Miracle on 34th Street bring the whole family together, sometimes you’re just not in that mood and you don’t always want to see that perfect “Christmasey” ending. But who wants to be the Grinch during the holidays?

Writers like Steven E. de Souza and Shane Black understand this concept all too well and have produced films that happen around Christmas, may include elements of Christmas, but are not necessarily about Christmas — at all. Take a look at some of the all-time great Christmas-adjacent films that we love to watch any time of year!

  • Gremlins

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    This horror classic all started when Billy’s dad went shopping for a last-minute gift in Chinatown and got him a mogwai… Lesson learned. Don’t buy bootleg gifts for your kids.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

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    Something tells me this isn’t midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

  • Trading Places

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    A time where all people from different walks of life come together with the common goal to stick it to the man, so much so he gets a heart attack. Karma’s not a great gift, but well-deserved.

  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

    No one understands Christmas blessings more than a mismanaged robber who finds a career in acting after leaving their friend who had just been shot. Jolly good time.

  • Rocky IV

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    Nothing screams Christmas miracle more than seeing David vs Goliath in real life.

  • Iron Man 3

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    Tony Stark can never catch a break during the holidays.

  • Die Hard

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    Hopefully employees received bonuses after this party. Also, Santa should really start saying “Yippee kai yay, motherf—er,” instead of “Ho ho ho,” don’t you think?

  • Edward Scissorhands

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    A great gift for your girlfriends is – instead of hiring a stripper – to book an artificial man who gives erotic haircuts using his razor-sharp scissor hands. ICONIC.

  • Batman Returns

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    Christmas isn’t always laughter and good cheer. Unfortunately, even penguins pass at this time.

  • Just Friends

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    It’s important to not let your ex know where you’ll be celebrating well because, yea.

  • L.A. Confidential

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    Some people can get real testy when they can’t be with their mothers for Christmas. Insulting someone’s mom is ill-advised.

  • Lethal Weapon

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    Some people buy presents, others set up coke deals that go awry and end up in a shootout. Everyone celebrates different.

  • Go (1999)

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    NO ONE DIES ON CHRISTMAS! But in the spirit of things, it’s nice to find the compromise in letting bygones be bygones- like getting shot in the arm.

  • Fanny and Alexander

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    Why visit family when you can spend the holiday season with a cannibalistic weirdo woman who prompts psychogenic movements?

  • You’ve Got Mail

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    This one captures the spirit of internet dating back when it was still sketchy. But still, if you can end up with Tom Hanks it’s not all bad. Nora Ephron really knew how to capture New York at Christmas even when she wasn’t making a holiday movie.

  • The Thin Man

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    ’Cause we all dress like that to go Christmas shopping, especially at Targét.

  • The Apartment

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    Being the only the sober one in an office full of inebriated coworkers doesn’t exactly make for a fun holiday party or any party.

  • Lion In Winter

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    Wishing to someone that the plague lands upon them isn’t very Christmasey. I’d suggest “blessings” or “good health,” you know, other things.

  • Home Alone AND Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

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    The President-elect could’ve saved Kevin A LOT of trouble. I’m just saying.

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