Erika Pulled Out Receipts on Yandy and Now She and Kimbella Are Hardcore Beefin’

Thought it was about the kids.

Yandy has been sending for Mendeeceees’ second baby mom, Erika D, and last night she showed TF up. On Tuesday (12/13) evening, Yandy Smith posted a flipgram, reminding everyone again that she is the wife. That was seemingly the straw that broke the camel’s back because shortly after, Erika posted a little flipgram of her own featuring Mendeecees, their son Aasim, and Samantha’s son Lil Mendeecees.

Yandy kicked off last night’s festivities (?) with this video of her and Mendeecees’ time throughout their relationship:

Facts❤️❤️ (it gets greater later stay tuned) #myhubby #Zaddy #boothang #?ofmyeye #solidasarock?

Stay tuned is right. A few moments later, Erika fast-forwarded through commercials when she presented a collage of her own.
She captioned:

Yandy and MDC are Married and Mazel Tov! Wish them the Best! Point is, I can’t respect a LIAR! Our challenge is not about Him! Its about her stalking me, showing up at my son’s school and frauding teachers,sneaking him through airports & trying to disrespect/discredit me repeatedly and then play victim. #WhenEditingCantHelpInRealLife #DontLieOnMeBecauseYouCantEraseHistory #StopTryingToSpinTheTruth #WhenYoureMadAtTheWorldBecauseYouHadToMakeUpALife #WhenYoureUsedToBeIngTheSlideYouTryToFlipIt #YoureTheDeniedSideSlide #WhosASlideThatGetsMoreThanTheThirdBabyMama #ThingsSugarMamasSayWhenTheyBigMad #WhatAboutTheReceiptsOnTheTable #KidnappingKids #Obsessed #SmugglingKidsThroughAirports #CantPayForFlights #Stalking #CryingAndLying #StoryChangedTenTimesInTenMinutes #YouBeenLyingForYears
#TooPressedTryingToProveWhatIWas #DontComeForAasimMendeeceesHarris #KeepPlayingItsAllComingOut #LOLLLLL #LHHNY #VH1 #Receipts #Slideshow #DontLookLikeASlideToMe

The Shade Room picked up the post, naturally, and Kimbella wasted no time having Yandy’s back. She commented,

[Erika] a lie! and I hate liars…she want a reason to be mad and this ain’t either, she just mad LOL.

Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought Erika was finished? (Meek Mill voice). She responded to Kimbella by sharing a throwback photo from season one of Love & Hip Hop to remind Kimbella who her real friends are:

Never Forget! #GetYouARealFriendSis You don’t know me, so don’t try it. Let’s not make this bigger than what it has to be. ??? #YoullTakingThisTooFar #DontBeFooledByTheSmile #ImCoolButICanShakeItUp

Chile, there’s still more. This morning, Kimbella posted a video of a fan taking Yandy’s side in all of the Harris family drama followed by some fighting words.
Kimbella eloquently wrote to Erika:

See I had to wake up to DMs saying this b—h @mserikad making collages of my most iconic moments that shows this b—h that I Fight, but this b—h is so fucking SCARY to at me, tag, or pull up. But since you wanna play IG games get ready HOE! That’s my word!!!! Yandy can’t stop me or my man, you was saved cuz of your son not no more. No more talking or typing.
#TwoWackAssBitches #ItsHardLivingInTheBBC #BitterBabyMamaClub #GetALifeToF–kinFocusOn
#FixYaGirdle #YouAMadA–Slide

Y’all still following? With all this craziness going on Samantha, baby mama numero uno, also had some words to say to Miss Yandy. She shared a video that had recently surfaced a few weeks ago showing Kim and Lil Mendeecees sleeping on the floor like Yandy was previously told by Judy. The video was apparently taken by a lover scorned who later admitted the whole thing was allegedly a setup to begin with.
via The Shade Room

As for Erika’s posts, Yandy didn’t seem fazed. She shared a final photo of a husband and wife being stared at by an outside woman, letting Erika, or anyone else know, that her bond with Mendeecees is unbreakable:

Tara, Peter, and Amina are looking like the Brady Bunch right about now.

This week Erika and Samantha tried to have a sit down with Yandy but…it didn’t go over so big.

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