Robin Thicke, Paula Patton and More Celebs React to Alan Thicke’s Death

Another Hollywood legend gone too soon.

-By Soraya Joseph

Last night, news broke that beloved TV-dad and actor, Alan Thicke, passed away at the age of 69. The loving father and star suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter. Family and fans of Alan immediately took to social media to offer their condolences, including son and singer Robin Thicke, former daughter-in-law, Paula Patton, Growing Pains co-stars Kirk Cameron and Joanna Kerns (who played Alan’s TV son and wife, respectfully), musician Questlove and more. Check out the reactions below:

Robin Thicke took a moment to remember his dad, with fans, on Instagram:
Paula Patton broke her two year Twitter hiatus to remember her late father-in-law:

Musician Questlove had plenty to say:

“@questlove- Dog… #AlanThicke just wasn’t the cool dad on tv. Dude was a part of our everyday musical lexicon. As a songwriter and jingle man this dude was THE MAN. we live in an age in which most tv shows eschew the art of the theme song. Most of our shows are quickie tags or nothing at all. Or instrumentals. Next to #JesseFrederick & #MervGriffin You were employing Alan to handle the honors. As a dude working in television believe you me: the art of connecting melody and narrative and sticking in 30 secs or less is an ART (I still maintain the #FreshPrince theme is Will’s best most loved song (yes, more than #Summertime)—Alan had classics that NEVER LEFT us: #DiffrentStrokes theme #FactsOfLife theme my Uncle Bud used to laugh at me trying to whistle the #JokersWild theme (game shows were waaaaay big in the 70s yall and Alan did em all including the OG version of #WheelOfFortune back when Woolery was host) I mean 2016 is what it’s going to be. I just hope I love to escape it. Respect to his family and his loved ones.”

Comedian and actor Cedric the Entertainer sent his love:

@cedtheentertainer- Rest In Peace. To my friend #AlanThicke. This guy was the best. Always a gentleman, funny and talented. God Bless His wife Tanya and all of his Loved ones. You will be missed sir!!! #shocker #Damn!

Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron reminisced on Instagram:

@kirkcameronofficial- I spent Monday through Friday for seven important years with Alan Thicke as my “TV dad.” I’m shocked and truly heartbroken today at the news of his death. Alan was a generous, kind and loving man. I am so blessed to have grown up with him. Chelsea and I send our love and prayers to his family tonight. We will cherish the memories… “sharing the laughter and love.”

Full House star and The View co-host Candace Bure shared a moment as well:

@candacebure- I’m sad beyond words that Alan Thicke has passed away. I’ve known you since I was 8 years old and so glad I had the pleasure of working with you again so recently on Fuller House. You were a part of my family and hockey family. You will be greatly missed. ❤️ My heart hurts.

TV-wife Joanna Kerns tweeted her grief to fans:

TV host Ellen DeGeneres took time out to tweet her condolences:

Singer Demi Lovato had a few loving words herself:

RIP to Alan Thicke. Our condolences to his friends and family during this tough time!

Meanwhile, check out Robin Thicke sharing a happier moment during the holidays, with good pals Snoop and Martha.

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