Check Yourself: Drewski Went From Having Mad Love for Bianca to Telling Her to Go Eff Herself

"The only thing is unfortunately I like hos, we all like hos."

It was all good, literally, just a week ago when Drewski was feeling Bianca Bonnie. Now? Not so much. In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop, Mr. White Chocolate has a whole lot to say about Bianca from her bright blue hair to clowning her outfit of choice for her performance. His girlfriend Sky tag teams on the dragging sesh, maintaining that Bianca is a heaux for how she planned on getting Drewski caught up. He agrees with his girl and also admits that he is partially responsible for all this mess because he does have a thing for heauxs.

Meanwhile on a “dirty a–s NY beach,” Cardi B feels bad for what went down with Swift but Mariahlynn thinks he is buggin’ for allowing this situation to mess up his business. She thinks Cardi made his career so tripping over his girlfriend Asia getting washed is “wack.”

Okay. But kudos to Drewski, though, for always being true to himself?

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