ICYMI: Moniece Crashes Rich Dollaz’ Date To Let Jade Know Rich Has Been Hitting Her Up On The Low

"He said he'll never love any woman as much as he loves me."

That date was awkward (singsong voice).

Ding dong, Moniece is back and she already effs up Rich’s relationship in this Love & Hip Hop highlight. Moniece has suddenly decided she misses her old boo and comes to New York to let him know how much. The problem is of course, he’s in the midst of trying to fix things with his new girlfriend, Jade. It doesn’t take long for Moniece to verbally slaughter Rich, airing out some allegations that he’s been hitting her on the low asking to see her monkey. A very upset Jade storms off but Rich doesn’t exactly follow her. Instead, Mo tells him how much she’s missed him as an annoyed Rich tries to push her off. Confused as to why he’s still sitting there, Jade cusses him out while Moniece maniacally smiles at her work.

Jade wasn’t ready. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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