America’s Next Top Model Exit Interview: Drew Elliott Talks to the First Model Eliminated About Her Departure From the Competition


The time has come for one of the beloved 14 models to pack her bags and head home from the America’s Next Top Model competition. Panelist Drew Elliott sat down with the first lady to get the axe and talked to her about her early departure and the future of her modeling career.

In her interview with Drew, Justine Biticon, the recent high school graduate, opens up about her time on America’s Next Top Model and her mission to increase Asian representation in the fashion industry. “If I got to come back, I wouldn’t be that little 18-year-old that just came out of high school, like very giggle-y. People at home actually know me as a very intimidating and, also confident person. I believe I would have brought that person out more and when I’m at shoots I’m very focused and I don’t get distracted by anything else.”

Also, Drew gets Justine to spill some Tea on Courtney, throw a little shade at Krislian, and let him know what’s net for her career.

You can rewatch Justine’s elimination again in the highlight below.

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