Sneak Peek: Cisco Low-Key Shades DJ Self to Snake Mariahlynn as a Client

"Mariah got the potential to make the right producer a lot of money, but only if she's in the right hands."

Where’s the bro code?

Now that Cisco and Mariahlynn let bygones be bygones, he’s talking a good contract game to her in a sneak peek for an all new Love & Hip Hop. DJ Self has been waiting for the rapper to give him an answer on his proposition, but she thinks a five-year contract is a little too steep. Mariah says she isn’t happy with it but doesn’t go over all of Self’s contract stipulations because she doesn’t feel it’s Cisco’s business. Then he low-key shades Self, telling Mariahlynn all of the things artists shouldn’t be doing for themselves if they’re being properly managed basically insinuating that Self ain’t the one for her. Still skeptical from all the b.s. last year, Mariahlynn decides it’s best to weigh out her options. Self won’t be too happy about this.

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