Stevie J’s Daughters Read Joseline for Filth and Empty Her Closet Into a Yard Sale

"I knew Joseline was wrong for my dad from jump."

Stevie J’s daughters, Savannah and Sade, are so over Joseline that they decide to get rid of any trace of her in this Leave It To Stevie highlight.

It’s no secret that the girls were never feeling the Puerto Rican Princess, especially for their dad. While they try on the clothes she’s left behind post-breakup, they reminisce about the time Joseline asked Sade if she ever “ate cat.” She. Was. 16.

Just over Joseline in general, Savannah and Sade decide that all of Joseline’s stuff gotsta go. Time for a yard sale! And if you think this all was for play play, check out this picture of Joseline from 2014 side by side with a picture from tonight’s episode. Anything look familiar?

VH1/Getty Images

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