Lessons We’ve Learned From 2016’s Best Celebrity Clapbacks

The key to not getting dragged is here.

By Jasmine Grant

For every action, there’s a reaction. And for every messy celebrity feud, there’s a lesson we can all draw from it. 2016 was the year we saw some of our faves unleash their petty and settle the score once and for all. Between Kim Kardashian, Skai Jackson and Solange Knowles, we almost ran out of popcorn. We got a lot more out of it than laughs, though. There’s actually some valuable lessons to be learned from this year’s messiest beefs. So if we can save another person from getting unexpectedly dragged, we’ve done our good deed for the year.

Watch VH1 stars Ceaser, Fizz, Masika Kalysha, and Cisco Rosado pick some of the best pop culture clap backs 2016 had to offer.

  • Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift Taught Us: Beware of those receipts!

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    When it comes to Kim Kardashian, know this: there are consequences for messing with her man. The ongoing melee between Taylor Swift and Kanye West never really died down since he famously interrupted her MTV VMA’s speech back in 2009. Kim Kardashian, for the sake of keeping the peace, stayed out of the drama until Taylor claimed Ye’ used her name in the song “Famous” without her permission. This ended up being a grave mistake, because Kim actually had the foresight to record the conversation where Taylor did, in fact, OK the lyrics. This just goes to show that you should always say what you mean and be truthful. Cuz when it’s time to dust off those receipts, you want them to be in your favor.

  • Azealia Banks vs. Skai Jackson Taught Us: Never Underestimate the Youth


    Azealia Banks has been terrorizing fellow celebs on social media since her earliest taste of fame. The Harlem rapper is notorious for going for the jugular, so it was sort of like a David meets Goliath moment when Banks got schooled by the most savage 14-year-old we’ve ever come across: Skai Jackson. The Disney actress took the 25-year-old to task and cracked on everything from her struggling career to her edges. The fact that Banks would even engage with an adolescent is shameful, but also led to a realization to never underestimated your opponent no matter how much of an advantage you have. In her short time on Earth, Skai clearly learned how to spar with the best of them. Unfortunately, Banks had to find out the hard way.

  • Hillary Clinton’s “Delete your Account” Tweet to Donald Trump Taught Us: Less Is More

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    The 2016 presidential election resembled a reality show reunion more than a serious campaign. Nonetheless, Americans indulged in the fun during the debates and on social media. Donald Trump’s winning strategy included a very juvenile Twitter stream of consciousness where the President-elect decided to fire off haphazard tweets not only about the Clintons, but President Obama and even the cast Saturday Night Live (eye roll). Donald Trump’s sh-tstorm of tweets pales in comparison to Hillary’s famous three-word tweet “Delete Your Account,” which raked in over half a million retweets. Hillary, in the process, taught us that brevity is the pillar of shade. Flawless!

  • Solange Knowles Going Off On A New York Times Reporter Taught Us: Don’t Ever Test the Limits of Black Girl Magic

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    Through her music and social media platforms, Solange uses every opportunity to champion for Black culture. So when New York Times pop music critic Jon Caramanica blasted the “Cranes In The Sky” singer on his podcast for not appreciating white people who buy her music (or as he gravely put it, “biting the hand that feeds her”), Solange let the drag fest begin. “Don’t you EVER tell a Black woman, not to ’Bite the hand that feeds you’ while speaking in reference to white people” she tweeted. She went on to big up her father Mathew Knowles, who lived through the horrors of segregation in his home state of Alabama. It should have been clear by now that nobody gets away with slandering the Knowles sisters unscathed (just ask Rachel Roy), but apparently folks don’t know how to learn from other people’s mistakes.

  • Cardi B Running Up On Swift’s Girlfriend Asia Taught Us: Don’t Let Your Mouth Write Checks Your A** Can’t Cash

    It’s very tempting to get bold in those tweets. Just make sure you can back it up in the streets. This was a very valuable lesson reinforced by Cardi B’s surprise encounter with producer Swift’s girlfriend Asia. Fueled by jealousy of Cardi and Swift’s working relationship, Asia had a few mean things to say about Cardi on social media and in Swift’s inbox. Asia probably never thought the two of them would ever come face to face, but Cardi issued a response with her fists to remind Asia how she gets down. Remember – if you talk about it, you gotta be about it.

  • Amber Rose’s “Fingers In The Booty” Clap back Taught Us: Keep the Children Out the Drama

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    When it comes to beef, talking about people’s kids is a huge no-no because what their parents did to you is no fault of theirs. After all, they’re kids you jerks! Kanye West didn’t follow that rule and was cruising on no chill mode while feuding with Wiz Khalifa. In a now deleted tweet to Wiz, he wrote “I own your child” in reference to Amber and Wiz’s 3-year-old son Sebastian. We knew Amber would go off, but we weren’t expecting her to drop this bomb. “Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in ur asshole anymore?.” We bet this is the moment Kanye felt like deleting his account.

  • Battle Of The Baby’s Moms Between Yandy, Erika and Samantha Taught Us: Have Your Baby Mama-Ships Under Control

    While we the viewers love a good baby mama brawl, it’s never fun for the dad struggling to maintain healthy relationships with his children’s mothers and manage their relationships with each other. Yandy Smith, wife (or is she?) of currently incarcerated Mendecees Harris, is in an all out war with Erika D. and Samantha, the mothers of Mendecees’s eldest children. There’s an ongoing dispute about the terms of Mendecees and Erika’s relationship. Why it matters years after the fact, we aren’t sure. But if Mendecees could have all of his exes on the same page the way Lil’ Wayne or Swizz Beatz do, he wouldn’t have such a dilemma on his hands. The key is for everyone involved to know where they stand…it’s not such an easy balance to achieve.