Lessons We’ve Learned From 2016’s Best Celebrity Clapbacks

The key to not getting dragged is here.

By Jasmine Grant

For every action, there’s a reaction. And for every messy celebrity feud, there’s a lesson we can all draw from it. 2016 was the year we saw some of our faves unleash their petty and settle the score once and for all. Between Kim Kardashian, Skai Jackson and Solange Knowles, we almost ran out of popcorn. We got a lot more out of it than laughs, though. There’s actually some valuable lessons to be learned from this year’s messiest beefs. So if we can save another person from getting unexpectedly dragged, we’ve done our good deed for the year.

Watch VH1 stars Ceaser, Fizz, Masika Kalysha, and Cisco Rosado pick some of the best pop culture clap backs 2016 had to offer.

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