Check Yourself: Erika Says Yandy Is Not A Wife, She’s A “Third Baby Momma”

"Why don't you tell us why your husband has a different apartment?"

Erika is so over Yandy’s claims that she’s married to Mendeecees in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop. Yandy is happy with the way she handled the situation with Erika and needs her to understand that she is the wife. Erika is beyond annoyed that Yandy keeps pulling out these “wedding receipts” because she claims to have few [more] receipts of her own. Not only does she say Mendeecees hits her up to send him some photos, but apparently everyone on the block knows if Erika wanted Mendeecees she could have him. Samantha even cosigns, despite what Mendeecees claimed, that he and Erika had a baby out of love.

Rich isn’t here for Mariahlynn fronting like she didn’t know Sky popped up on Bianca. Bianca, Cisco, and Rich Dollaz all see how Mariahlynn moved funny in the Drewski situation. Cisco chose to ride with Mariahlynn regardless and says that “for the record” she did call him to go over Self’s contract. Someone’s ’habituary lying” because ish just isn’t adding up.

It’s been real Cisco.
Cisco Rosado Creep Squad Member


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