17 Ways to Rid Yourself of 2016’s Bad Energy

It's time to leave all the drama and bad karma behind.

-By Soraya Joseph

Let’s face it- 2016 was bad, like, Micheal Jackson Bad. And if we had the chance to do it all over again, we would. Honestly, truly. However, since we can’t change 2016, we figured we’d place our energy into 2017 and how we can make it better. But before we take this step, we’ve got to rid ourselves of this year’s bad vibes. So with that said, here’s how to get your karma so fresh and so clean for 2017.

  • 1. Sage the Day

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    I tried to sage it away… Now this trick is one of the oldest in the book. The ancient art of burning sage is one of the most common, karma cleansing rituals out there. All you have to do is cautiously burn a sage stick and twirl it counterclockwise around your space and voila. Vamoose to bad “juju.”

  • 2. Feng Shui it Away

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    Mother clutter! Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It suggests that the placement of your furniture or home decor plays a major role in the flow of energy. After a bad breakup, you may not be able to move out your home, but try moving some things around.

  • 3. Block the Boat

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    Bad friendships, relationships or just anyone causing hardship needs to be left behind in the 2016 dock. Sometimes ridding yourself of bad karma is as easy a button. A block button that is.

  • 4. Rock On

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    Charged up. Healing Crystals are the all the rage these days, but have been around foreva *Cardi B. voice.* For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used crystals to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. Turqoise, smoky quartz and bloodstone are some of the popular options. You can either “rock” them around your neck or carry a couple stones in your bag.

  • 5. Bye-Bye-Bye

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    In the words of Justin Timberlake: “Ayo, I’m tired of using technology.” Sometimes being too plugged into social media causes a lot of indirect stress. Whether you’re part of the drama or just an outsider looking in, sometimes you need to logoff social media, and login to real life.

  • 6. Tune Up!

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    Please don’t stop the music. Or at least, change the station. If you had a bad year, your playlist may play a big role. Studies show that sound and music effects the mood of the brain (and overall, our emotions). Classical music, jazz and soothing sounds are said to provide eargasmic bliss. Do you hear me now? Good.

  • 7. Why… So… Salty?

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    Salt may be bad for the heart, but on the low, it’s good for the soul. For centuries, salt has been used to “ward off” bad spirits and demons, as well as aid with depression. Studies suggest that when using salt to cleanse your energy, sprinkle it on your carpet or floors and then vacuum or sweep it up after an hour’s lay. For a less messier alternative, you can place small bowls of salt around your place. A whole new meaning to ’tis the “season.”

  • 8. Go Green for 2017

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    And we’re not talking Mary Jane. Plant researchers say that owning a plant is the easiest way to detox bad energy out of your space. Recommended plants such as peace lilies, ficus and gerbera daisies also have great air-purifying effects. So leaf the drama behind in 2016.

  • 9. Shout It Out

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    Easily said and done. Sometimes in order to reclaim your positive vibes, all you have to do is speak (or shout) it back into existence. According to the book, Law of Attraction, repeating, “I take back this space! I am happy, I am free,” in your home will shift your energy gears. Remember, thoughts become things, eventually.

  • 10. Smell Me Something New

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    From “spoiled” to “oil.” Essential oils are a major key in the ridding bad energy. Using a spray bottle of just water, pour a few drops of lavender rose, frankincense, and/or patchouli, mix, spray and voila! Smell good, feel good.

  • 11. Put the “Win,” in Window

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    A little bit of fresh air and sun goes a long way when it comes to cleansing your bad energy. Researchers say that opening your window will literally let bad energy out. Shoo (bad) vibes, don’t bother me.

  • 12. Shower Power

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    It’s gonna take more than a loofah to scrub these bad vibes away. Yes, sometimes a bath before the new year is exactly what you need to clean yourself of bad vibes. Experts suggest either taking this dip in an ocean or setting one up at home with pure sea salt to create a salt water bath.

  • 13. Saved by the Bell

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    It’s all about positive vibrations. The ringing of bells around your home is known to “vibrate” bad karma and energy back into positive alignment. It’s suggested that one ring the bells specifically around the area where the negative situation happened (so for some, you may want to ring-a-ling-a-ling that bell over your bed sheets).

  • 14. Let it Burn

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    Sometimes vintage rituals are best for ridding yourself of the past. These days, it’s not as common to send a love letter than it is to receive an email. However, if there are any teddy bears, cards or old shirts you’re hanging on to, consider a friendly bonfire to burn it all, and set fire to the pain. You can actually sign up for a supervised, holistic bonifire , moderated by a counselor. Disclaimer: proceed with caution.

  • 15. Delete – Delete- “D”-elete

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    A more modern alternative to the above mentioned. Ladies, if you’re hanging on to any bad boys (a crappy ex, a toxic hookup, etc.), please delete all the old messages, emails and pics that you’re so stuck reminiscing on, especially if it ended badly. This also goes for bad friendships and fall outs. The delete button does not discriminate, and the pros to doing so are endless!

  • 16. Write it Out

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    Sometimes pen and paper is the prescription, and your words are the remedy. A personal favorite of mine when it comes to ridding myself of bad vibes, thoughts and energy, is to write it all out on paper and throw it away. Even researchers suggest that a little writing therapy goes a long way. Message to bad karma: to the left, to the left.

  • 17. See it and Believe It

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    Sometimes all it takes to get rid of negativity, is to focus on the positive. Vision boards are a major key for 2017. Passion planners are swell, as well! Place all the things you want for yourself for the new year on a poster board and hang it up somewhere that you can see all throughout the year. Next thing you know, your dreams will manifest in your reality (breaks into happy dance).

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