Interracial Couples Talk Meeting the Family and the Awkward Moments That Come With

It's time to meet the family.

All relationships are tricky, interracial ones maybe especially. Imagine watching Meet the Parents, but instead of Ben Stiller it was Will Smith. Dealing with cultural nuances can be difficult at times, but it can also entice the best moments. Yes, you might have to explain why you wear a scarf on your hair when you go to sleep every night, or why your mom only plays German music when someones passes her the Aux cord, but that’s cultural blending. It’s fun educating your mate on your culture and learning about his or hers.

You try new foods, listen to different genres of music, participate in activities you and your family wouldn’t normally do. It’s awkward at first, but its exciting exploring the world through another’s point of view. At the end of the day you will get a better understanding of your significant other and where they came from, even if you have to suffer the stressful moment of when your families first meet.

We gathered a few interracial couples to discuss their experiences with dealing with their loved ones family and the cultural shock that comes with it.

Watch below.

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