I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Mimi Reveals The Truth About The Sex Tape

Mimi finally comes clean about her role in the leaking of the sex tape with Nikko.

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi finally came clean about the leaking of the sex tape with Nikko. With the probing from Margeaux and the threats from Nikko, Mimi revealed the truth first to none other than Stevie J.

Although Mimi admits that she helped come up with the idea of the “leaked sex tape,” she still claimed that Nikko was the ultimate mastermind. So, for months Mimi lied to her family and friends (ahem, Ariane) about what was truly going on. Considering the performance she gave when Nikko told her that they had been “exposed”, we think Mimi should consider a career in acting.

Did you think Mimi was in on the sex tape leak all along? Does Mimi’s confession change your opinion of Nikko? Share your thoughts/comments below!