Is This Kylie and Tyga Sex Tape Real or Are People Really Bored Enough to Create a Fake One?

Also, who does that?

There’s a sex tape on the loose that people want you to believe stars Kylie and Tyga, but people waiting on a Kyga sex tape will have to keep on waiting.

According to TMZ, sources close to Kylie state that she and her team have seen the alleged sex tape, which features a blonde girl in braids having sex with a Tyga lookalike, and they can confirm it’s 100% not Kylie.

The rumor is the two in the tape wanted people to believe it was Jenner, since the girl looks like she’s copying Kylie’s clothing and hairstyle. TMZ reports that whoever leaked the tape went through the trouble of attaching her Snap videos to make the whole thing seem authentic.
Our guess is that if a Kyga sex tape ever did happen, it would be aesthetically shot and produced, like her Instagram. Where’s that check?

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