Watch These Interracial Couples Have a Hilarious Discussion About Hair

Love can be a hairy situation.

-By Soraya Joseph

I got wigs, weaves, lacefronts, sew-ins, curls, braids, twists- you name it!

When it comes to love, it may be blind, but there is no denying that it is aware. Very aware.

In a day and age where transparency is key and love has no filters, it’s no surprise that interracial couples are more than comfortable discussing their differences. After all, opposites attract and its our differences that make our love so unique.

Recently we gathered a few loving, interracial couples to discuss their mixed emotions regarding their partner’s hair, and their experiences with getting hip to their mane. The doting duos held nothing back as they candidly reminisced on everything from bedtime bonnets to wigs flying off in the bedroom.


Check out the super cute video below:

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