Wait, Are Yandy And Mendeecees Not Legally Married After All?

"Now I'm telling him another reason as to why this won't play out the way we dreamt it to."

Did Yandy just say what we think she said?! In this Love & Hip Hop highlight clip, Yandy reveals to Juju and Kimbella that her and Mendeecees aren’t legally married. It’s not because their partnership isn’t solid, though.

Here’s what happened: The night before the two’s ceremony, Yandy was told that since Mendeecees didn’t sign his plea deal yet, she might be responsible if he had to pay restitution. They decided for strategic reasons to not get the government involved in their union just yet.

The news obviously left Kimbella and Juju shook, and it’s still up in the air if they’re offended that it took so long for Yandy to tell them. But the real question now is when and if Yandy and Mendeecees will make their marriage official.

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