What Does Power of Attorney Really Mean, And Did Yandy Have The Legal Right To Change The Locks On Erika?

Was Yandy making illegal moves?

In this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop we heard the term “power of attorney” thrown around a lot to justify Yandy changing the locks on an apartment her husband Mendeecees and his baby mama Erika are co-tenants of.

Erika claimed that this was BS, and that she can sue Yandy. So, who’s got it right?

Let’s start with the definition of “power of attorney.” It reads, “the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters.” So it sounds like Yandy can act on behalf of Mendeecees in certain situations, but that then led us to another question: Can Mendeecees legally change the locks on Erika?

According to National Paralegal College, he can’t, which means Yandy can’t. The example they give on their website is pretty much exactly what went down between the beefing wifey and baby mama:

“Opie and Anthony own Pinkacre as joint tenants. One day, Opie gets really mad at Anthony and he has all the locks on Pinkacre changed and he refuses to give Anthony a key. Opie has ’ousted’ Anthony and Anthony may sue Opie for wrongful ejectment.”

However, if Erika agreed to let Mendeecees have “exclusive possession” for a period of time, then he or Yandy could evict her, but from what we know, that wasn’t the case.

Looks like Yandy owes Erika one for not suing.

Watch the argument between Yandy and Erika over power of attorney below.

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