Niykee Heaton Recalls the Random Time Kanye West Sang for Her, Talks Instagram + Music to Come

Who else can say that Kanye sang over a beat you made in a hotel bathroom?

Niykee Heaton is on a high following the release of her Bad Intentions EP, and nothing can stop her — not even the Instagram haters.

Niykee, a 19-year-old pop and R&B singer known for her YouTube covers and racy Instagram pictures, has learned quickly that the music industry can be a cold, tough place. She released her debut EP under All Def Music, but later hit a wall with the label. She can’t say much about what happened for fear of running into legal issues, but she’s since reached a better place musically and creatively.

Niykee talked to us about putting together her debut album, the “thousands” of dick picks she’s received, and the one time Kanye West surprised her in a studio and sang over a beat she made in a hotel bathroom. Find out more about Niykee in our Q&A with her below.

Before your cover of “Love Sosa” blew up, were you actively trying to pursue music?

I’ve been trying to pursue a music career since I was six. I always knew it was something that I wanted to do, but I really buckled down during my early high school years. When I was uploading those YouTube videos was when I was really focused.

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