Joseline Hernandez Gives Birth to Bonnie Bella, Posts A Hilarious Instagram Video Detailing The Birth

"Shout out to my doula!"

It’s been a hell of a year for so many people on Love & Hip Hop, but it’s ending with some wonderful news. Stevie J and Joseline have announced the birth of baby Bonnie Bella in true Stevie and Joseline fashion. Joseline started posting about her labor last night with the tweet below, where we’re pretty sure she was referring to her fetus as a ho:

She continued by posting an Instagram video, captured below, after the birth where she shouted out her doula, the entire production team at Eastern and VH1, and basically everyone she’s ever met. The video also features a look at the room where Bonnie Bella was born, complete with birthing pool, and some details about the delivery, from her wig situation to the fact that she did the entire thing without an epidural.

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