5 Things to Know About Alexis Ohanian So You Can Decide If He’s Good Enough for Serena Williams

Do we approve?

by Jasmine Grant

Serena Williams is a national treasure. Not only is she extremely talented and dominating on the tennis court – she’s also beautiful, charitable and a role model. The tennis champ has taken measures to remain super private about her love life save aside from brief public sightings with rappers Common and Drake. So we jumped for joy when news broke that Serena became engaged to Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian. There’s just one thing…we don’t really know much about the guy.

You know we are extra picky when it comes to men suitable to date our precious Serena. So we’ve taken the liberty of doing a little digging (we’re getting really good at this, by the way) on Mr. Ohanian and what he’s all about. Do we approve? Take a read through and discuss in the comments.

  • He’s a Charitable Giver


    With all of his success, Ohanian isn’t stingy when it comes to giving back. The tech mogul led a crowdfunding campaign for the nonprofit Black Girls Code, an organization aimed at providing technology education to African-American girls. Last year, Reddit announced that the company would be giving back $827,659.49 of its total revenue to ten charities.

  • His Net Worth Is Drastically Different From Hers


    As the world’s highest paid female athlete, Serena Williams has about 150 Million reasons to smile, so her new engagement can only be considered a bonus. As for Alexis, he has some catching up to do. Though he’s done quite well for himself as an entrepreneur, his net worth is said to be in the ballpark of $4.5 million (a mere 3% of Serena’s). That at least lets you know it’s probably not about the money for either of them.

  • Looking at His Past Relationship, We Know Two Things: He’s in Love with the Coco and There May Have Been A Love Triangle

    Prior to Serena, Alexis was in a long term relationship with Sabriya Stukes, a microbiology Ph.D. student at their alma mater University of Virginia. In our social media investigation, we estimated that Sabriya and Alexis were together for about four years. Soon after things ended, it appears Alexis jumped feet first for Serena. Some outlets have made reports of a messy love triangle, alleging that Alexis dumped Sabriya for Serena. As for Sabriya’s latest tweet, it seems Sabriya caught wind of the engagement and is completely unbothered….or is she?

  • His Height And Beard Make Him Prime Bae Material


    Don’t let the geeky first impression fool you. Alexis seems to be quite a catch physically. He’s a whopping 6’5″ in height and his famous full beard has taken on a personality of it’s own. The athletically built Serena, who stands at 5’9″, can certainly appreciate a man with a little braun.

  • He Believes In Karma

    Embedded from player.vimeo.com.

    The one theme that seems omnipresent on all of Alexis’s social media pages is the word “karma.” In fact, it’s the name he gave his adopted cat back in 2013. This insanely cute video features Alexis talk about his adoration for his pet. This proves that not only he is an awesome pet dad – he also believes in doing right by people and putting good energy into the universe. A for effort!

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